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Garden Thief Amelia Rutherford Spanked OTK Outdoors

Garden Thief Amelia Rutherford Spanked – Thieving neighbor, Amelia Rutherford aka Ariel Anderssen, sneaks into John’s garden to steal his prized flowers. She’s caught red-handed by Mr. Osborne, who’s none too happy with her thievery. He shows his disdain for this type of deviant behavior by taking the long-legged blonde on this knee, right there on the garden bench. Amelia the thief has her panties pulled down for a good old fashioned otk spanking outdoors. See the latest bare bottom spanking video at Sarah Gregory Spanking or the better valued SG Pass!

Garden Thief Amelia Rutherford Spanked OTK Outdoors

Panties Down Spanking Bare Bottom For Thieving Lass

Naughty Thief Spanked Outdoors

Amelia Rutherford Spanked Bare Bottom for Stealing

Christy Cutie’s Spanking Lesson – Professional spanking model, Christy Cutie pays a visit to pro-dome Sarah Gregory for a lesson in “how to spank”. Sarah teaches her the ins and outs of topping by demonstrating using various spanking implements on her cute bottom. See the full video on “how to spank” at or get a better value with the Sarah Gregory Network Pass!

Christy Cutie's Spanking Lesson

Christy Cutie Gets A Lesson In How To Spank

Sarah Gregory Teaches Young Christy Cutie How To Be A Spanker Top

Christy Cutie Strapped Bare Bottom

Lily Swan’s Painful Punishment – Teenage Lily Swan has broken her curfew again and her daddy is not too happy. His patience for his teen daughter’s antics breaks when he see the slutty outfit she’s wearing. When he finds out that daddy’s little girl has gone out dressed like a slut and wearing no panties, he’s finally had enough. He decides to teach his unruly teen daughter a painful lesson with an otk spanking and hard strapping. He takes his naughty teen over his knee but she’s a fighter and he must leg-lock her down and spanks her bare bottom. A simple hand spanking isn’t enough for daddy’s girl so he grabs a thick leather strap and gives his teenage daughter a bare bottom strapping that she won’t forget anytime soon. See the full daddy/daughter spanking video at Spanking Sarah Gregory or the better valued!

Lilly Swan Learns Painful Lesson

Painful Spanking OTK For Teen Daughter

Slutty Daughter Spanked And Strapped By Daddy

Bare Bottom Strapping For Naughty Teen Lily Swan

Annoying Rosie Ann Spanked – Young Rosie Ann has been spending the weekend with her uncle. She wants to be at home and hanging out with her friends. She takes her unhappiness out on her uncle by being a real brat. Rosie’s uncle takes as much of her bratty behavior as he can before he finally snaps. He takes his naughty niece over his knee and give her a hard spanking over her pajamas. When this doesn’t cure her of her brattiness, he pulls her pajamas and panties down and spanks her bare bottom with his hand and the dreaded hairbrush! See the full teen spanking video at of the better valued Sarah Gregory Network Pass!

Annoying Rosie Ann Spanked In Pajamas

Teen Pajamas Spanking

Teen Daughter Spanked OTK

Teen Spanked In Pajamas With Hairbrush OTK


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