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Sexy Wheelbarrow Spanking Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren’s Wheelbarrow Spanking – Isobel Wren knows how special it is to get accepted into the “wheelbarrow club”. She’s nervous and apprehensive about getting her first wheelbarrow spanking. Her naturally submissive demeanor is a prefect fit as she’s completely vulnerable and exposed. Isobel is apprehensive about being in such a revealing position. Her pert bottom exposed to increasingly hard swats of the spankers hand smacking her reddening ass! From AAA Spanking.

Cheerleader Isobel Wren Getting Spanked In Wheelbarrow Position

Isobel Wren Wheelbarrow Spanking

Bare Bottom Wheelbarrow Spanking

Sexy Wheelbarrow Spanking Isobel Wren

Catholic Cheerleader Spankings – Two naughty teen cheerleaders get spanked and punished by catholic priest. Chessie Kay and Harry Amelia have been caught moonlighting and not spending their time supporting the church as “Cheerleaders For Christ!”. Father Michael takes each girl over the knee, one at a time, for hard otk spankings on bare bottoms! The girls get spanked in front of each other for added humiliation at

Cheerleader Chessie Kay Spanked OTK

Teen Cheerleader Spankings

Catholic Cheerleader Spankings at AAA Spanking

Two Cheerleader Spanked and Punished By Catholic Preist

The Spanking TherapistCasey Calvert is nearing the end of her therapy session when the subject of spanking for behavior modification was brought up. Casey was willing to try anything to keep her highly focused and Sarah Gregory knew a thing or two on the subject. She began young Casey’s introduction into spanking therapy with a spanking over her knee. She spanked her pert bottom harder and harder so she could learn what to expect from future sessions. Casey Calvert was vulnerable and open to suggestion as she fought off the unease and embarrassment of her first behavior modification therapy through spanking but she felt purpose and direction! From AAA Spanking.

Casey Calvert Spanking Therapy at AAA Spanking

Bare Bottom OTK Spanking Casey Calvert

OTK Spanking at Therapist Office

Casey Calvert in The Spanking Therapist at AAASpanking

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